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About the Author

San Juan County in southeastern Utah has been home for thousands of years to Native American people.   Arguable as early as 6000 B.C., hunters and gatherers roamed the region in search of Mammoth.  In the more recent past and vastly more evident, the Ancestral Puebloan Indians, or “Anasazi” left their ruins strewn through the beautiful desert canyons and plateaus.  Today, the Ute and Navajo continue to make this region their home.   We hope that you will enjoy learning about the natives, their beliefs, and ways as you travel through the region.  We love living here and want to share a bit with you.  We hope you enjoy some of the teachings of the land as seen thru Navajo eyes.

Dr. Robert McPherson - Author


McPherson has authored several dozen publications and books and leads a program on Native American Studies at Utah State University Eastern Blanding.  The majority of his life long research has focused on the Navajo people. He has been recognized for his scholarly work of Native Americans, and won several awards including for his book, “Comb Ridge and Its People” by USU Press. He is former vice president of the College of Eastern Utah where he has been teaching for over thirty-five years.


Dr. Jared Berrett – Technology and Layout


Berrett moved to the Four Corners Region to enjoy the incredible out door opportunities and teach technology at Utah State University Eastern Blanding campus.  His career focus has been teaching and learning  and the methods to enhance motivation in the classroom.  He currently enjoys teaching design, layout, and is anxious to enrich others learning experiences through new technology.  He also enjoys guiding and sharing his love for the region in his summer job as a guide.


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